Dividing treasure

In a typical old-school adventure, roughly 75% of your character’s earned experience points will come from the acquisition of treasure, not from killing monsters (5e and newer editions have a completely different ratio). If you can find a way to obtain the dragon’s horde without actually fighting the dragon, you’ll go far in this world. NOTE: Magical treasure like wands, rings, and magical weapons and armor don’t earn you experience points because their value is in their use. If you sell these items, however, you will probably earn experience points as if they were treasure (coins, gems, jewelry, etc.)

Treasure doesn’t matter or count toward experience if you don’t get it back to town or a safe place.

Jewelry, gems and magic items are worth more and weigh less than coins.

Every 10 coins weigh one pound regardless of metal type (copper, silver, gold, etc.)

Death is usually final. It’s better to pick your battles, conserve your resources (especially hit points) or run away to fight again another day. However, sometimes bold action is what’s called for. Smart players consider the circumstances and know what gives them the best odds to accomplish their goals while surviving the experience. (Dead characters don’t earn experience points.)