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Steven Scott Williamson, the founder of Ruckerworks, is the author of a series of fantasy novels, collectively called The Taesian Chronicles. The first novel, Ohlen’s Arrow, came out in late 2013 and the most recent novel, A Riddle of Scars, was released in 2018.

These books are part of what is intended to be a collection of three trilogies (a 9-part series). Books one through three are The Taesian Chronicles, books four through six are The Pillars of Taesia (only book four, A Riddle of Scars, has been written so far), and the third trilogy of trilogies is as yet unnamed.

You can purchase these books in eBook/Kindle and paperback format in the Shop.

The correct order to read read them is:

  1. Ohlen’s Arrow (You can read the first three chapters for free! [PDF])
  2. Ohlen’s Bane
  3. Paragon’s Call
  4. A Riddle of Scars
Book 1: Ohlen's Arrow

Ohlen’s Arrow

Book one, The Taesian Chronicles

Vengeance drives him. Can honor save him?

A savage tribe of cru’gan brutally slaughtered his family, orphaning Ohlen when he was still a boy. Twenty years later a ferocious attack driven by a mysterious witch sends him on a perilous journey to rescue his best friend’s child. His choice between vengeance and honor will determine not only his own fate, but the fate of those he loves.

Book 2: Ohlen's Bane

Ohlen’s Bane

Book two, The Taesian Chronicles

There is no honor among brothers.

Ohlen receives an unexpected visit from Kha’ard, the honorable cru’gan, bringing portentous news of strange artifacts he’d found in a remote northern cave. Joined by the affable shaman, Ahmahn, and the young warrior, Therran, they travel to the city of Eeron to warn Regent Merrick Stonehorn, Ohlen’s old friend and mentor. They discover Merrick has his own problems as workers in the nearby iron mines have been found with their heads cut off.

Suspecting an invasion from Dvaken, a strange yet powerful race of human-like creatures, Merrick seeks help in the most unlikely of places. Can the city be saved?


Book 3: Paragon's Call

Paragon’s Call

Book three, The Taesian Chronicles

The sunset of an old hero. The dawn of a new foe.

Paragon’s Call is the third and final book in The Taesian Chronicles trilogy. In this exciting and fast-paced conclusion, we pick up the story a year after the Battle of Eeron from book two, Ohlen’s Bane. Ohlen and his comrades, Therran and Ahmahn, discover the novaari, dangerous beasts that are half man, half animal. Ohlen is conscripted by Emperor Percy Saltos to lead a ragtag group of criminal misfits called Paragons, who are charged with seeking out these monsters and destroying them. But not everyone wants them to succeed.


Book 4: A Riddle of Scars

A Riddle of Scars

Book one, The Pillars of Taesia

A Riddle of Scars begins the second trilogy, The Pillars of Taesia, and continues the story established in The Taesian Chronicles.

Taking place twenty years after book three, Paragon’s Call, the story picks up following Kaedi, a young but skilled rogue — and daughter of the Master of Thieves. Her world is turned upside down in a brutal attack. She flees her hometown on a quest to learn the true identity of her mother, and along the way becomes embroiled in a twisted plot to overthrow the empire.