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Adventuring party in corridor

People and Role-playing Games

I have been running D&D games at my local library since October of last year (2023). Since that time various players have come and...

Going Old School

I recently started a D&D group at my local library. I am the Dungeon Master for a collection of individuals who have either never...
Dungeons & Dragons

Thoughts on D&D Play Mechanics

I've been a D&D Dungeon Master since 1980. In that time, my play style and table rules have evolved. Here are my thoughts on...

World War II Espionage RPG: Ashes of Isar

In November, 2019, I began work on a new role-playing game based on World War II espionage. I had read Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly...
Fantasy adventurers

Fantasy Adventure Ideas and Inspiration

Sometimes Dungeon Masters need a little inspiration when creating one-shot sessions, or even multi-session campaigns. There are classic tropes and their variations that can be relied upon for ideas, they just need a new twist to make them interesting.
1st Edition Players Handbook

What type of D&D gamer are you?

Thinking back to the decades I've been playing the game, I've met a lot of wonderful people with whom I've had the joy of sharing a gaming table. Over time, I've recognized there can be certain characteristics common among some players, so I am making a lighthearted and humorous attempt at describing them. What type of D&D gamer are you?

The Traveling Muse

Seeing new scenery, from the topography and way the land flows up and down and along rivers and shorelines, to the flora of an area be it sparse and blanched or lush and green, to even the weather as it changes as you crest a hill or as the sun rises or sets, has been a constant source of creative thoughts and ideas.
Motorcycle trip journals

Motorcycle Trip Journals

There's a saying that if you didn't write it down, it didn't happen. I think that maxim was created by astronomers, but it's likely...
Zwifting with Wahoo KICKR Core

Zwift and Indoor Cycling

During the winter months, it's unpleasant to ride my bicycle outdoors. 38 degrees and raining is non-fun, despite having outdoor cycling gear. To maintain...
Writing in a notebook

Time Keeps On Slippin’ Slippin’

Do you have Steve Miller stuck in your head now? Sorry. I look at the calendar and see that it's October 14th and feel blown...