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Book 4: A Riddle of Scars

Can you turn a D&D game into a novel?

Writing a novel is a different skill and craft than running or playing in a fantasy role-playing game.
AD&D Players Handbook

A comparison Between 5e D&D and OSR

The Dungeons & Dragons old-school renaissance (OSR) has gotten a lot of steam in the past few years, almost to the point of it being a fashion statement. And lets not forget the huge impact 5th edition had making the D&D hobby popular again, in some was bringing it back from the dead (D&D was never dead but it definitely had a long lull in popularity).
Bring out your dead!

Death and the CON Save

Our D&D party started off following the "death is at 0 hit points" rule but the players quickly came to the conclusion that this made death for 1st level characters too likely.
Fantasy adventurers

Gaming Guide: Great Players

Some of the best advice for having a great time is all about the players and not what happens in the game itself.

Gaming Guide: Monsters

Know thy foe! The more the players understand how monsters think and act, and most importantly their strengths and weaknesses, the greater the odds the party will win the day.
Dividing treasure

Gaming Guide: Magic Items

Magic items play a special role in D&D adventuring, and can give the smart party the edge they need to succeed.

Gaming Guide: Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for the party's objective and sharing it smartly across the party goes a long way toward making your adventure more successful.
Adventuring party

Gaming Guide: Exploration & Smart Adventuring

The goal is to complete your objective efficiently, with as little risk as possible and with as much gain as possible. Advice for smart playing helps make that happen.
Dividing treasure

Gaming Guide: Experience & Treasure

Advice and wisdom concerning the earning of experience and acquisition & handling of treasure.

Gaming Guide: Combat

Advice and guidance to D&D players and Dungeon Masters for more effective, efficient and enjoyable combat.