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UPDATE JUNE 23, 2024: The D&D group run through the Sandy Public Library is currently full. To get on the waiting list, complete the questionnaire below. You will be contacted if a seat opens up or if a new group is formed.

Hello, adventurers! I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1980, the vast majority of that time as a Dungeon Master (DM). I am currently looking for players for in-person games every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 6pm-9pm at the Sandy Public Library in Sandy, Oregon.

Dungeons & Dragons

If you are interested, fill out this questionnaire and give me your contact information. [I will not share your information with anyone, and will only use the contact information you provide to connect with you on this specific topic.]

Participation requires prior registration (complete the questionnaire below) for players aged 13 to 3,000 years (sorry, no goblin whelps or liches allowed). Players under 18 years of age will need to provide a signed permission slip from a parent or guardian.

We run old-school D&D rules circa 1980 as specified in Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy by Necrotic Gnome. These rules often go by “B/X”, “Basic/Expert”, “1e AD&D” or “BECMI”. If you are familiar with current 5e D&D, it’s an easy adjustment to learn these old-school rules.

It’s not a requirement but a high recommendation to purchase Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy, the official rules set we follow. You can get it in print (recommended) or PDF format here (I get no commission or kick-back from these purchases).

This helps determine how to group players if there is more than one session available.
I'm trying to get a sense for how experienced you are.
We are currently playing old-school D&D rules circa 1981. This question helps me determine how much orientation will be needed to get you up to speed (it's not difficult, really).
We play a sandbox-style game that allows a session to be played even if one or two players can't make it. However, it's best if the group is made up of players that can attend on a regular basis.
This is not a requirement, I'm just curious if you want to learn how to become a DM.
Check all that apply. Let me know how you would prefer to get game and group updates, including scheduling and other topics.
Let me know if you have any comments, requests or questions.