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Ashes of Isar is an original WW II espionage and spy-craft role-playing game created by Steven S. Williamson, who owns and maintains the sole copyright to this document, logo, game system and rules (except as allowed by law; see below), and related intellectual property (“IP”) including, but not limited to, the name Ashes of Isar and its related variations.

Ashes of Isar is a role-playing game wherein players like you can create and play through missions or other content of your own design (“Derivative Works”). These derivative works are your creation, but because they are based upon or follow the rules and game system of Ashes of Isar, you agree to abide by these terms.

Game systems and mechanics — how a game is played (e.g., the rules of poker) — are not protected under copyright or trademark law, and therefore can be used by anyone. However, the content of a game — its name, text and images, etc. — are protected by copyright law.

We encourage you to play Ashes of Isar, and we hope you purchase and download our officially licensed products for your enjoyment. However, if you create and distribute new work(s) based on our game mechanics (e.g., the rules of poker), which is your legal right, we hope you take inspiration from what we’ve made and create something even better and share it with others. We all grow from this process.

There are legal limits to that, however.

The name and contents of the Ashes of Isar game are protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced or distributed by anyone without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder, Steven S. Williamson.

To put it simply, you have the right to use our game mechanics but not our expression of those mechanics through our content, our name or our image.

If you produce derivative work(s) for distribution to others, attribution to Ashes of Isar and its copyright holder, Steven S. Williamson, must be included in a legible manner and location within your derivative work, whether you sell it or give it away for free.

Your rights granted by this Agreement to distribute, sell, or give away for free your derivative work(s) does not imply or represent endorsement of your derivative work(s) by Ashes of Isar or by Steven S. Williamson.

You may not misrepresent the rules, or the Ashes of Isar name or logo, to appear to be produced, owned or distributed by anyone other than the copyright holder, Steven S. Williamson, except as granted by this License.

You agree to not use anyone else’s intellectual property or copyrighted material in your derivative work(s) without the intellectual property holder’s expressed permission. Ashes of Isar and Steven S. Williamson will not be held liable or responsible for any copyright, trademark or intellectual property violation you may intentionally or unintentionally commit (or any other law, for that matter).

You agree to not apply legal terms or technological measures to your derivative works that restrict others from doing anything this License permits, or provide rights or permissions that this License restricts.

Steven S. Williamson reserves the right to modify, amend or revoke the terms of this License without notice or compensation, and reserves all rights and remedies available in law and equity.