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Paragon’s Call

Now available on Amazon.com
Now available on Amazon.com

The Taesian Chronicles is a series of fantasy novels set in the fictitious world of Taesia. The third book, Paragon’s Call, is currently available for Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com.

About Paragon’s Call:

The sunset of an old hero
The dawn of a new foe

Paragon’s Call is the third and final book in The Taesian Chronicles trilogy. In this exciting and fast-paced conclusion, we pick up the story a year after the Battle of Eeron from book two, Ohlen’s Bane. Ohlen and his comrades, Therran and Ahmahn, discover the novaari, dangerous beasts that are half man, half animal. Ohlen is conscripted by Emperor Percy Saltos to lead a ragtag group of criminal misfits called Paragons, who are charged with seeking out these monsters and destroying them. But not everyone wants them to succeed.