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Ohlen’s Bane

There is no honor among brothers.
There is no honor among brothers.

The Taesian Chronicles is a series of fantasy novels set in the fictitious world of Taesia. The second book, Ohlen’s Bane, was published in 2014. Ohlen’s Bane is available as for Kindle and in paperback via Amazon.com.

About Ohlen’s Bane:

There is no honor among brothers.

Ohlen and his close ally, the irrepressible and honorable Kha’ard, pursue a deadly killer into a maze of underground tunnels after a close friend is assassinated. On the surface, the hardscrabble mining town of Eeron is attacked by a powerful race of creatures seeking to wipe out the humans that live there. Will the unexpected arrival of Eeron’s oldest enemy spell its doom?


Here’s what readers have said about Ohlen’s Bane:

I enjoyed this sequel to Ohlen’s Arrow. Ohlen’s Bane is a fast-paced adventure that takes the reader through cruel betrayal, bloody battles, and a harrowing journey. Williamson has a flair for dialogue and nicely fleshes out the characters first introduced in Ohlen’s Arrow. They are multi-dimensional and complex, just like real people. There’s plenty for action fans to enjoy too; the battle scenes are vivid and well-executed. The ending leaves room for future adventures and I look forward to seeing where Williamson takes the series.
– A.L. Wood, via Amazon.com