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What’s up with the domain name, ruckerworks.com? It’s a long story (no pun intended).

The really simple, short answer is: Ruckerworks is my brand name.

The longer answer is that I’ve had several independent ventures dating back to 2002, as a web developer, IT consultant, movie director/writer/producer, and now as a writer.

But where does the name itself come from? Well, that’s another long story, but here’s my best abbreviated explanation.

In the Army Special Forces, “ruck up” means to get ready, we’re about to leave on a mission. The Green Berets carry their gear in rucksacks, and are often packed and prepared and ready to go at a moment’s notice. They are also very flexible and versatile ‘quiet professionals’, able and willing to tackle any mission.

I wanted to embrace that same spirit of preparedness and quiet professionalism, minus the overtones of “I am a paratrooper. I go to exotic places, meet interesting people, and then kill them.” I went with the name foundation of ‘rucker’ and added ‘works’ to embody an attitude of “Let’s get it done!”

That’s where Ruckerworks comes from.