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Another Sunday down the Valley

It was another sunny Sunday and the smell of menudo cooking drove me out of the house and out on two wheels. I headed...

Astoria and Jewel Elk

Mike and I spent Saturday on a loop trip to Astoria and back.It was clear but cool when I left my house in Sandy...

Riding in the Valley of the Sun

I just returned from a short vacation to Phoenix. The contrast is dramatic between the mid 70's and sunshine found in the Valley of...

Motorcycle camping

I've been a backpacker since I was 15, so moving into the realm of motorcycle camping is an easy thing to consider. So far...

Coldest ride yet

When I rode to work today it was 26 degrees outside with a slight cross wind. The calculated windchill was approximately 1 degree, give...

Ride: Back roads to Silverton

I was able to get on the bike and ride this weekend. For those that live out of the area, the Portland metro area...

To video or not to video

As some of my readers know, I have a history of creating videos. My repertoire includes videos of sports teams, life retrospectives of the...

What does Microsoft Vista have to do with motorcycling?

Nothing. Except that I'm a motorcycle rider and I use computers for a living. Also, if you're reading this blog you're also using a...

9 things NOT to carry on your motorcycle

There are as many opinions of what to carry on your motorcycle as there are people riding. From tire repair kits to lip balm...