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No longer a motorcyclist?

I just sold my 2007 Suzuki V-Strom 650. This means I no longer own a motorcycle. Does that mean I am no longer a...
Bear Hollow CG, Wheeler County

Day Ride to Kinzua, Oregon

I took a day ride on my 2007 Suzuki V-Strom 650 to Kinzua, Oregon (pronounced 'kin-zoo'). Kinzua is an abandoned lumber community southeast of Fossil, Oregon.
Writing in a notebook

Efficient Fiction — How To Be a Productive Fiction Writer

This article describes the methods I use and the steps I follow that have proven to be very effective at avoiding writer’s block and at meeting deadlines. This process is efficient, methodical, and productive. If you follow this approach, it is very reasonable to expect that you can write an 80,000-word fiction novel from concept to publication-ready in less than five months.
Social Media

The Power and Problem of Social Media

Many have speculated -- and I am one of them -- that the problem with social media, and online communications in general, is that it removes a degree of accountability from those who wish to convey hateful or confrontational messages. It's easier to call someone a bad name if they aren't standing in front of you.
The Cedars restaurant, Detroit, OR

Detroit Burned

I am very curious to see how, or if, the town of Detroit rebounds and recovers. There is still a lot of work to be done and I saw no evidence of any new construction. Perhaps the locals haven't returned -- to what? -- or have given up. Time will tell.
Book 1: Ohlen's Arrow

Where it All Started

This is where it all started. The above excerpt is the opening paragraphs of my first novel, Ohlen's Arrow. What does it say about an author who's first word of their first book is "thwip"?
Steve, Meagen and Keith

Ride Report: Hillsboro, OR, 29 miles, 38 degrees

It's the middle of Fall, the days are getting shorter, and dry weather is becoming the exception, not the rule. Fortunately, there was no precipitation on my day off, so my buddy, Keith, and I decided to get out on two wheels for a ride around Washington County.

Review: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I've been flying X-Plane 11 since it first came out and recently gave Microsoft's latest version of its venerable Flight Simulator a try -- it's first update in over 10 years -- and my first reaction is Wow!

Cycling Tips, Tricks and Tools

Here are several tips, tricks, and tools I recommend for those getting started in cycling.

Expanded Ruckerworks.com website

As you may have noticed, I recently expanded the breadth and capability of the Ruckerworks.com website. I changed hosting providers to a system that...