I just added a new steed to my stable. It’s a brand new 2012 Suzuki GSX-R750, and it’s a beauty. As you can imagine, riding it is quite a bit different than my V-Strom 650 (yes, I still have my venerable ‘Strom) both in handling and acceleration. The Gixxer gets up and goes like nobodies business, but only when I tell it to; it’s very well behaved otherwise.

This bike was purchased from Lanphere’s Beaverton Motorcycles in Tigard, Oregon. I handled all the sales and arrangements over the phone with their salesman, Delaney. I originally was seeking a GSX-R600 but both Delaney and I felt the increased torque, especially in low- to mid-range RPMs of the 750, better suited my riding style. I’m not a red-line kind of rider and that’s where the 600’s prefer to live.

I rode the bike home, took a break, then took it on a 30 minute jaunt on a nearby semi-twisty road. I’ll take it back out again tomorrow morning. This process of ride, rest, repeat is a 3x heat cycle that breaks in the new tires. A common misconception is that motorcycle tires need to be scuffed up to break them in. Actually, they need to be heated up through riding and then allowed to cool down to do so. Usually three times is the charm. Otherwise, ride them nice and gentle for about 100 miles and that covers it, too.

The forward riding position is quite a bit different than the upright neutral position I’m used to on the V-Strom. I feel like a great deal more of my weight is on my hands, which is true. When riding at freeway speeds a lot of the oncoming rush of air against my chest helps alleviate some of that pressure on my hands. I also get a lot more bugs on my helmet’s face shield due to a lack of windscreen protection. But on the plus side, the bike is super smooth, very capable, and truly feels at home when cornering. The 750 is considered to be one of the finest all-around sport bikes ever made and I’m confident I made a good choice. I look forward to putting a lot of twisty miles on it.