I have put close to 7,000 miles on my set of Shinko 705 tires. The front looks damn near new but the rear has very little tread left down the center stripe and about 50% tread remaining on the sides. For an $83 tire, that’s a very low cost-per-mile. The Shinko’s have been outstanding tires, providing excellent grip in cornering and especially on wet roads.

Normally I replace both tires at the same time. With previous brands, including Bridgestone Battle Wings and Metzeler Tourances, the front wore down enough to justify replacing it at the same time as the rear. With this set of Shinko’s, however, the front will last another 5,000 miles or so. As a result, I’m only changing out the rear tire.

20110923-082554.jpg This is how I rode to work this morning. I will swing over to Yamaha Sports Plaza after work to have the new rear tire mounted.