Back in September of 2010 when I was in Frenchglen, Oregon I picked up a fencing nail in my rear tire. I was able to fix the flat using a plugged tool and my DC powered air compressor. The tire — a Bridgestone Battle Wing — held air until today.

When I went into the garage to ride to work, the tire was flat. I fired up my air compressor, added some air, and headed into work. The day before I had dropped off a new set of Shinko 705 tires at Yamaha Sports Plaza in Fairview — my go-to service shop. All I had to do was ride there after work to get the new tires mounted. Except my rear tire had no air in it, again.

I pulled out my 12v DC air compressor and began filling the tire up. It took a while, mostly because the leak was still active. Hsssssss. I acted quick, suiting up and jetting over to the shop. I made it safely and an hour later my bike had new shoes.

The Shinko 705’s are more of a 75/25 tire whereas up to now I have been running tires biased more toward street riding — 90/10’s. My first impression was dramatic. The Shinko’s feel slippery and squirrely on pavement and I notice a distinct tread vibration at slower speeds. Everything I read about them says I’ll get used to their behavior, but initially there will no doubt be an adjustment period. I’ll post a formal review after I’ve got some miles clocked on them.

[Update 6/7/2011] I’ve put several hundred miles on the Shinko 705’s and really like them. They provide better grip on non-paved surfaces and corner very well in both wet and dry conditions. They are a great value.