After failing to figure out how to remove the front cowling in order to access my turn signals, I gave up and took it to the dealership’s service department and have them do it. Even their head mechanic said it was a royal pain, but they managed to get my front two turn signals replaced. The rear signals are apparently just as much of a hassle, so currently my bike still has the factory indicators on the back.

While at the shop I had them put on new brake pads and replace the bar-end weight that got bent when I dropped my bike in the parking lot at work a few weeks back. Since they were already working on the front right handlebar I had them install a Grip Puppy on that side as well. I had installed a Grip Puppy on the left side a few years back but left off the throttle side.

The dealership I went to is Yamaha Sports Plaza in Fairview. It’s the same location as Action Motor Sports, where I bought my bike back in 2007, but has new ownership and they only carry Yamaha. The service department still supports Suzuki bikes, though. I’m concerned for the dealership, however. Business is down for motorcycle dealerships right now, for both sales and service, and I’ll be surprised if they survive a year. I asked the owner how much new FJR’s were going for and he said, “About $15k retail but we’re definitely willing to negotiate.” The hungry look in his eye when he said that was unmistakable — they need business.