Today is the annual Ride to Work Day. The third Monday of every June has been set aside to highlight the value and benefits of riding a motorcycle or scooter to work. The day is also intended to get those driving cars and trucks to become aware of motorcycles, to see them, and to share the road safely and courteously with them.

I rode to work today. I had two different vehicles pull out in front of me, even though both looked directly at me. That’s why I ride as if I’m invisible (sometimes I think I really am). I assume motorists don’t see me or even recognize my existence or at the very least my right to exist. Ultimately my safety is my own responsibility so I ride accordingly.

If you drive a car, be aware that motorcycles are out there sharing the road. Look for them, and give them the same respect and courtesy on the road that you’d expect others to give to you. Let’s all get to our destinations safely.