Sunday afforded me another opportunity to get out and ride. It was overcast but dry, mostly. I headed south to Estacada, then southwest toward Molalla. There were some ADL members out and about, slowing things down for the rest of us that aren’t deluded into thinking we’re closer to God because we drive 10 mph under the speed limit on Sundays. I gassed up at the Chevron in Molalla before continuing west to Woodburn.

Once in Woodburn I turned north on Highway 213 and rode into Canby before looping back eastward. Unfortunately I got stuck behind more members of the ADL so I pulled over and dug my sunglasses from my tank bag, taking the opportunity to let go of the aggravation inspired by slow cagers.

Too late. I wasn’t back on the road more than 10 seconds before a lady in a mini-van pulled out in front of me and drove 40 mph in a 55 mph zone. I never had a chance to pass safely, but fortunately she turned off a couple of miles down the road. Once I met back up with highway 211, I continued east toward Marquam on a road I had never traveled before. The two-lane country road passed through a small community of Barlow amidst numerous Christmas tree farms and other agricultural endeavors.

At Marquam I turned left and continued back to Molalla, where I stopped for a cheeseburger and mocha at the busy McDonalds. Back on the road I went north to Mulino before heading east again through Colton and back to Estacada and Sandy via the route I came.