I rode to work today. The sign on the bank on my way into Gresham said 9 degrees, but the weatherman said it was 19 in Portland. My home gauge in Sandy said it was 10. Weather.gov said it was 13 degrees. Not sure what the official temp was (I’m still looking for a good thermometer to mount on my bike) but I know that it was cold. Either way it shatters my previous cold-ride record of 25 degrees.

My gloves did great, my insulated Fieldsheer Booster pants and Aerostich Darien jacket did great. The only cold part on my body was my cheekbones. There’s a tiny draft of air that seeps in my HJC Sy-MaxII helmet that I can’t seem to get rid of.

Really, the only problem with my ride this morning was my face shield fogging slightly and then freezing. I rubbed shaving cream on the inside and that helped, but I think sometimes when it gets below a certain temperature even that can’t completely eliminate fogging. What I need is a breath guard inside my helmet, or one that I wear on my face.