Saturday I rode to Detroit via FS46 up the Clackamas River. I parked at The Cedars restaurant amidst a half-dozen Harley riders that acted as if I didn’t exist. In their world, maybe I don’t. Second Breakfast, as the Hobbits call it, consisted of biscuits and gravy with a side of two eggs, over-medium, coffee and ice water. The pirates sitting in the adjacent booths continued to ignore me.

On the way back I took 4220 east to Olallie Lake, hitting gravel most of the way. There were lots of 4×4 pickups up in the woods cutting firewood. I got a few odd stares as I rode past. Initially riding on gravel felt squirrelly and weird but I soon got used to it and was able to ride at a decent clip. I eventually reached Olallie Lake and stopped at the shut-down resort to gander at Mt. Jefferson.

My original plan was to take Skyline Road due north to Timothy Lake but I didn’t have a very detailed map and I didn’t trust my GPS quite enough to rely solely on it’s direction. I was also concerned about remaining fuel, so I backtracked to FS46 and rode the pavement all the way back home.