I recently purchased a pair of Draggin Jeans from Fast Company. The style I purchased are called ‘utility’ jeans, which are basically cargo pants with a relaxed fit. I paid $120 after shipping and received them about 10 days after I placed my order.

Utility Draggin Jeans
Utility Draggin Jeans
These denim jeans are lined with Kevlar for abbrasion resistance in a crash. Armor is optional. I opted for the unarmored version.

My first impression was that they are longer than I anticipated. I normally wear 32 waist and 34 inseam in Levis and these seemed like they are at least 2″ longer than that. When standing in my bare feet they are too long. But when wearing boots they stack nicely and the extra length makes a lot of sense when sitting on the bike.

They are also heavier than normal jeans of the same size. The denim is fairly thick and the Kevlar adds weight, presumably. They are very comfortable, however, and feel as if they’ve already been washed 20 times. Speaking of washing, they can be washed and dried just like regular jeans — just make sure bleach, color-safe or otherwise, never touches them; it destroys the Kevlar.

I’m learning that 70 degrees is my cut-off point when I want to get out of my armored Fieldsheer Mercury riding pants and into something cooler. That’s where the Draggin Jeans come in. I’ve ridden 200 miles in them so far and they have proven to be very comfortable and much cooler than the Mercury pants I normally wear. That was the whole point.

I’ll probably buy another pair but will get the relaxed style rather than the cargo-pant version. These pants are not cheap but they are worth the price. The next pair I get will have armor, just because that’s the kind of guy I am. Safe.