It’s been too hot to ride. I’d rather ride in the rain than in the heat. When the thermometer gets above 80 degrees F I tend to park my bike and take the air conditioned car to work.

Lately we’ve been experiencing triple-digit temps in Oregon, so I’ve been indoors as much as possible. I rode through Redding, California last year in 100 degree heat and just about lost my mind. I’m an ATGATT kind of guy (all the gear, all the time) so cruising around in short sleeves and flip-flips is simply not an option.

I’m just thankful I didn’t have a big trip planned for the middle of August. If I had been stuck riding in this kind of heat I would have been forced to shift my schedule dramatically earlier in the day — leave pre-dawn and get to my destination before noon. That’s tough when most motels won’t let you check in until 4:00 PM.