It was a fantastic weekend to go riding. Finally. Spring around these parts has been reluctant to leave. We’ve had unusually cool and wet weather, with only brief and infrequent hints at warm and dry. Saturday and Sunday were examples of what Oregon weather can be when it’s at its best.

I spent the day Saturday washing both my car and my bike. Sunday I rode to Carver Cafe for a mid-day breakfast of biscuits and gravy (service was very slow; it took them 10 minutes just to take my order and pour me a cup of coffee), then up Springwater road past McIver Park and down into Estacada. I then rode east up the Clackamas River to Ripplebrook.

Of course I didn’t want to go home, so I hung a left up 57 toward Timothy Lake. I turned around where the pavement ended, just past Lake Harriet, and headed back home. I would have ridden all the way to Timothy Lake and looped back home on highway 26 but I had just washed my bike and didn’t want to ride 10 miles of dusty gravel road. I’ll save that route for another day.

I intend to ride to work every day this week. 50 mpg is pretty hard to beat when commuting.