There are as many opinions of what to carry on your motorcycle as there are people riding. From tire repair kits to lip balm to more bizarre things like dog goggles and hair spray (no one likes helmet hair!) But what about things not to carry?

Here’s a list of 9 things not to carry on your bike:

A frown.
Worries about your daily life.
A tow rope.
A life preserver.
A note from your mother.
An attitude.
Misconceptions about your mortality.
An eagerness to return to the daily grind.

In an effort to be positive and not just negative, here’s a list of things that I suggest you do carry every time you’re out and about on two wheels:

An appreciation for how lucky you are.
Respect for the risks you are undertaking.
A focus on the moment.
A willingness to enjoy the experience, regardless of the weather.
A sense of honor to all others on two wheels, no matter what brand they ride.
A sense of accomplishment for making this dream of riding come true in your life.